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Verified by Visa

Sign up for the protection of Verified by Visa and get the added safety and reassurance of knowing that no one but you can use your credit card number online.  Verified by Visa helps protect your California Community Credit Union Visa Credit Card from unauthorized online use with a personal password and personal Assurance Message, thereby reducing the chances of fraud.  When you register for Verified by Visa, you’ll designate a personal password and a Personal Assurance Message to your California Community Credit Union Visa Credit Card.  Your password and message will be verified at checkout, and your transaction will be completed – safely and securely. 

Registration is easy and fast and best of all, it’s free.  You can either register for Verified by Visa when you shop at participating online merchants or simply click “Continue,” and complete the registration process.  You will be asked to create a personal password and personal message that will be used each and every time you make an online purchase at participating merchant sites.  At checkout, you will be required to enter your personal password to complete your sales transaction, and your personal message will always appear on your online sales receipts as an added measure of security.  You are welcome to update your Verified by Visa account profile at any time and view all the receipts of your previous online purchases using Verified by Visa. 

Note:  If you do not enroll in Verified by Visa before making an online purchase at participating online stores, you will be prompted to sign up at the time of purchase.  You will not be able to complete your online shopping until you sign up for the Verified by Visa program. 

Get the security and protection you need.  Enroll in Verified by Visa today.


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