Can You Pay Off a Personal Loan Early?

Personal Loan

Personal loans are a popular financial tool that enables people like you to borrow money for a variety of purposes such as paying for a home remodel, consolidating debt, covering medical expenses, and paying for your child’s college tuition. Typically, you pay off a personal loan in accordance with a predetermined repayment period. You may…

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How Does Getting a Home Equity Loan Work

Maybe you have some major home renovation projects on tap this spring now that the weather is improving. Perhaps you’re wanting to pay for your child’s upcoming college tuition. With summer vacation on the horizon, this could be an opportune time to consolidate your debt.  No matter which of these options pertains to you, getting…

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What Credit Score is Needed for a Mortgage Loan?

Do you want to be among the approximately 65 percent of people in the U.S. who are homeowners? More than half of your fellow California citizens own a home.  There are numerous benefits to homeownership. Among the advantages are these:  Building Equity — Equity is the amount of value you have in a given asset. …

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Open a ‘Just for Fun’ Account

Open a just for fun account

Life is better when you have money set aside for spontaneous, fun purchases. Open an account with your partner at California Community CU for just this purpose. Set aside small portions out of each of your monthly incomes, or feed the account when you get an unexpected bonus. Then, dip into your “fun money” whenever…

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