Q: How can I prepare for a recession? A: Taking steps to improve your financial health in case of a recession is a smart move. Here’s how to prepare yourself and your finances. Take stock of your financial reality Before you actually make any financial changes, ask yourself these questions: What’s the total of my monthly income?…Read More
With inflation at record highs, many Americans are finding it difficult to stick to a budget. After all, when groceries have leapt in price and household staples can be double, or even triple, what they cost just a year ago, how can the same amount of money get you through the month? Sticking to a…Read More
Retirement - little things count
Retirement-Little Things Count People often think it is difficult to save for retirement because of today’s pressing demands. But little things can really count. What if you put some of the money you spend going out to dinner, movies, or impulsive buying towards your retirement savings? It might not seem worthwhile at first, but the…Read More
Open a just for fun account
Life is better when you have money set aside for spontaneous, fun purchases. Open an account with your partner at California Community CU for just this purpose. Set aside small portions out of each of your monthly incomes, or feed the account when you get an unexpected bonus. Then, dip into your “fun money” whenever…Read More
DEBIT Cards-Teach Teens about spending limits
When it’s time for teenagers to drive, they’ll need to pay for gas, tolls and vehicle maintenance costs. Plus, whenever they are out on the road, there’s a good chance they may be spending money at restaurants, stores, theaters and parks, too. You probably don’t want your teenager carrying a lot of cash, so that…Read More