About Us

Who We Are

We welcome diversity and recognize it as critical to our performance.







Integrity is crucial.

We welcome diversity and recognize it as critical to our performance.

We believe in inclusion and strive to make our financial products and services accessible and affordable to all individuals by removing the barriers that exclude them from utilizing our financial services to improve their lives.

Integrity is crucial. We are committed to making sound business decisions that are in the best interests of our members.


Our Mission

Do what is right for our members by putting people before profit, offering affordable products and services, and improving their financial quality of life.


Our Vision

Improve our members’ financial well-being by helping them reach their financial goals.

About California Community Credit Union

California Community Credit Union (CACCU) is a not-for-profit financial institution owned by our members and is organized solely to meet YOUR financial needs. We have been providing financial services to members since 1939! CACCU is a full-service credit union offering our members affordable low interest loans, various savings programs, online access as well as may other products and services.

What sets us apart?

We believe service goes beyond offering products, we believe that service includes being able to talk person to person, genuine courtesy, and friendly greetings.

Who we serve.

We serve members from all walks of life living in Sacramento, Stanislaus and Placer counties. We also serve members from various industries such as Union Pacific Railroad, UFCW-8 Golden State members, California Employment Development Department etc. Click here to find out if you are eligible to join.

As a member, regardless of account size in the credit union, you may cast a vote in elections and apply to serve as a volunteer board member.

Your funds are safe and secure.

Your funds are insured up to $500,000.00. The NCUA insures up to $250,000.00 and ASI insures an additional $250,000.00.

Our History


March 1939

First chartered as State Employment Employees Federal Credit Union, with an original field of membership consisting of employees of the Department of Employment in Sacramento, California, and members of their immediate families.

November 1970

Name change to HRD Federal Credit Union (Human Resources Department, State of California).

April 1979

Name change to Triple S Federal Credit Union.

1986 - 1997

Field of membership expanded to include several small employee groups (SEGs) and associations.

August 1997

Change from a federally chartered credit union to a state-chartered credit union.  Name change to Triple S Credit Union.

January 1998

Field of membership expanded to include individuals who live, work, or worship in Sacramento County (Community Charter).

Our History


1953 - 1983

Field of membership expanded to include four local Unions.


Name changed to Super U Credit Union to be more reflective of the various Unions associated with the credit union.


Field of membership expanded to include relatives of current members, whether or not they live in the same household.

1993 - 1998

Field of membership increased from five basic Unions to over 175 Unions officially recognized as affiliated with the credit union.

Our History


February 11, 2003

Merger of Triple S Credit Union and Super U Credit Union.

February 13, 2003

Name change to California Community Credit Union.

November 18, 2003

Field of membership expanded to include individuals who live, work, or regularly worship in Placer and Stanislaus Counties (expansion of Community Charter).

September 23, 2014

Western Valley Federal Credit Union merged into California Community Credit Union.  Field of membership expanded to include employees and retirees of Union Pacific Railroad and other small employee groups.

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